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Working Together to Support the Mental Health of Families with Pre-term Babies

07 October 2014
7:15 pm AEDT

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Join an interdisciplinary panel as they discuss how to support a family's mental health needs following their child's premature birth.


Learning Outcomes

Through an exploration of Bronwyn’s experience, the webinar will provide participants with the opportunity to:

- Identify the risks for perinatal mental health particularly for mothers with pre-term babies

- Recognise the core principles of and pathways to effective treatment and management of perinatal mental health issues, particularly for mothers with pre-term babies

- Understand the challenges to and opportunities for providing collaborative care to families experiencing perinatal mental health issues

Who's on the panel

- Dr Carol Newnham (VIC based psychologist)
- Dr Caroline Zanetti (WA based psychiatrist)
- Ms Nina Grillo (VIC based social worker)
- Ms Belinda Horton (VIC based occupational therapist)

Facilitator: Dr Michael Murray (QLD based GP)

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Before the webinar:

Read Bronwyn's story, upon which the discussion will be based

View the webinar Fact Sheet, which answers questions about participating in a webinar and addresses technical issues

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