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PHNs partnering with MHPN networks


Mental Health Professionals’ Network (MHPN) practitioner networks offer Primary Health Network (PHN) colleagues the chance to give a local network an overview of their service, or to speak about a PHN priority area or areas.

We support 472 network coordinators in 365 networks across Australia of which 166 are specific-interest networks that can intersect with PHN priority areas.

MHPN interdisciplinary practitioner networks are an ideal forum for sector networking; information and knowledge-sharing; building a sense of community; and working together to improve patient outcomes.

In this article, we provide a snapshot of themes and meeting topics that were popular with networks in 2020.

We encourage our PHN colleagues to join and speak at a mental health network or start a mental health network with help and funding from MHPN.

Find out how Western Australia Primary Health Alliance (WAPHA) interacts with the local mental health community through MHPN networks:

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An overview of interdisciplinary network meeting topics

Service overview

  • The Hills Mental Health Interagency Network, NSW: Presentation by WentWest PHN network
  • Cairns Older Persons Mental Health Network, QLD: Delirium Demystified – SIGN 157 Guideline Recommendations
  • Port Hedland Mental Health Network, WA: ‘Who is Out There in Hedland?’ – a series of Lightning Talks on available services in the Mental Health/Wellbeing space

Older persons

  • Sydney North PHN, NSW: 1. Live screening: The Long Goodbye 2. Suicide in Late Life: The Impact of COVID-19
  • Sunshine Coast Older Persons Mental Health, QLD: Sexuality and gender
  • Goulburn Valley/Hume Older Persons Mental Health, VIC: Data sets and demographic data for Shepparton services, and an overview of My Aged Care and Aged Care Services

  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health

  • Shoalhaven Child & Adolescent Mental Health, NSW: The Nabu Program and the Aboriginal perspective
  • Mid North Coast Complex Trauma, NSW: A Visual Perspective about Intergenerational Trauma – with an Aboriginal Cultural Lenswith relevance to all of us
  • Adelaide African, Indigenous and CALD Mental Health, SA:

    1. Suicide prevention and Aboriginal health

     2. The impact of the Centrelink job seeker system on the African, Indigenous and the CALD members of the community - A Psychologist's Perspective

    Critical incidents – COVID-19 pandemic and natural disasters

  • Townsville Mental Health Network, QLD: Supporting each other in the time of COVID-19
  • Wellington Mental Health Network, VIC: Bushfire Recovery, COVID-19 Isolation & Recovery (Transitioning Out from COVID 19) and COVID-19: Exit Strategies
  •  Wheatbelt Mental Health Network and The Great Southern Network (Albany), WA: COVID-19 and the fourth wave of a pandemic: managing changes in AOD use and mental health

Digital health

  • Bunbury Autism Mental Health Network, WA: Telehealth challenges and benefits: how practitioners have coped providing support
  • Midland Mental Health Network, WA: Telehealth and Innovative Practice – Keeping Connections with Clients

  Alcohol and Other Drugs

  • Central Adelaide and Hills Psychosocial NDIS Communities of Practice, SA: Supporting people with AOD needs
  • Metro South Dual Diagnosis Mental Health Network, Brisbane, QLD: The role of the peer worker in AOD


  • Northern Perinatal and Infant Mental Health Network, VIC: Parenting and Borderline Personality Disorder - the Impact of Attachment-Related Trauma
  • Brisbane Youth Complex Trauma: An evidence-based perspective on the drivers of better educational outcomes for children in out-of-home care
  • Newcastle Veteran-Focussed Mental Health Network: Mental health amongst first responder teams, emergency clinicians and local communities: strength, support, and what works when seeing a practitioner
  • Perth Complex Trauma Mental Health Network: Implementing the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in WA

Special events

  • Coffs Harbour Youth Mental Health and Wellbeing Mental Health Network held three sessions on one big day for Mental Health Month in October.
    1. Working with Young People impacted by Trauma
    2. A Visual Perspective about Intergenerational Trauma with an Aboriginal Cultural Lens
    3. Are you aiming to come through COVID as a drunk, a chunk, a hunk, or a monk?

    Child and adolescent mental health

  • Shoalhaven Child & Adolescent Mental Health Network, NSW: The Nabu Program and the Aboriginal perspective
  • Perth Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing of Children, WA: Group discussion: supporting clients through COVID, arising challenges and reflections on self-care
  • Northern Sydney Child & Adolescent Interest Group, NSW: Early Intervention in Eating Disorders and Butterfly Foundations Youth Intensive Outpatient Program

Suicidality and suicide prevention

  • Logan Suicide Prevention Mental Health Network, QLD: Understanding Suicidality in the Context of Culture, Migration and Settlement
  • Adelaide African, Indigenous and CALD Mental Health Network, SA: Suicide prevention and Aboriginal health

Pain and mental health

  • Huonville Mental Health Network /Primary Health Tasmania: The Role of Psychology in the Multidisciplinary Management of Chronic Pain
  • Newcastle Persistent Pain and Mental Health Journal Club, NSW: How support and psychological factors influence outcomes for people with chronic pain

Eating disorders

  • Hobart Eating Disorders Mental Health Network, TAS: Update on ED residential care facility and filling the gaps in service
  • Perth Eating Disorders Mental Health Network, WA: Centre for Clinical Interventions - Programs update reviewing CBT10, CBT Program, FBT program, Imagery Rescripting
  • Frankston & Peninsula Transcultural Mental Health Network, VIC: Eating Disorders Treatment with guest speaker Professor Richard Newton who is the Clinical Director of Peninsula Health Mental Health Service, a board member at the Butterfly Foundation and an Adjunct Professor at Monash University.

  Perinatal and infant mental health

  • Gold Coast Perinatal and Infant Mental Health Network, QLD: Delivery of perinatal and infant mental services in the time of COVID: A peer support and networking meeting for practitioners
  • PIGLET (Perinatal and Infant Group – Liaison, Education and Training) Mental Health Network, Adelaide: Men's grief following pregnancy loss and neonatal death and ‘Reduced length of hospital stay after caesarean section’, followed by a facilitated discussion on workplaces during COVID-19 and a reading of international literature