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Critical incident resources for interdisciplinary mental health practitioners


Mental health practitioners play a vital role in our communities, especially after a critical incident.

MHPN is committed to supporting mental health professionals with information and tools to help their clients come to terms with major adverse events.

We champion collaborative care and interdisciplinary practice among mental health professionals through our two programs.

For over a decade, we have made it possible for clinicians to access webinars and meetings that address potentially traumatic natural disasters and other critical incidents.

To this end, we have put together a package of useful mental health resources for interdisciplinary mental health and related health sector professionals.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to find out more about our programs or if you would like to recommend a resource.


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  • Gippsland MHPN is meeting on 10 March 2020 for a presentation - 'Supporting Recovery after a Disaster' from clinical neuropsychologist Jane Nursey.

  • Ulladulla MHPN is meeting on 18 March 2020 to discuss 'Psychological First Aid – how to support people after the bushfires'.

  • Central Adelaide Youth MHPN is meeting on 21 March 2020 about 'Fires, resilience and coping: Community trauma and children psychosocial first aid'.

  • Warwick MHPN in QLD, south of Toowoomba (generalist focus), is meeting in March 2020 on 'Reflections on our contribution to disaster relief'.

Visit our network meetings page for details.

Recent past

  • Adelaide Hills MHPN met on 14 February 2020 for 'Bushfire response: where to from now? A facilitated discussion'.

  • Bairnsdale in VIC (generalist focus) met to discuss ’On the Frontline in Emergencies: a planned, coordinated and considered response to our current crisis and the ongoing repercussion’.

  • Wollongong MHPN (generalist focus) is meeting in February 2020 on 'Resilience: How Nature & Nurture Shape Us – Psychiatry Prof. Nagesh Pai presenting on resilience in the wake of the bushfires'.

  • North East Valley MHPN in VIC (trauma and mental health focussed) met in February 2020 to discuss 'Disaster relief and mental health'.

  • Outer West/Blue Mountains (IFS treatment-focussed), met in February 2020 to discuss 'IFS treatment after the bushfires'.

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MHPN has worked closely with the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA), Centenary of Anzacs and Phoenix Australia (Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health) to provide online webinar forums for interdisciplinary practitioners to create and watch panel discussions about veterans and their families.

 We also support nine veteran-focussed networks across Australia, join one today:

  • Townsville Veteran-Focussed Network
  • Tasmanian Veteran-Focussed Network - NEW!

  • Sydney Veteran-Focussed Network

  • Brisbane Veteran-Focussed Network

  • Perth Veteran-Focussed Network

  • Canberra Veteran-Focussed Network

  • Melbourne Veteran-Focussed Network

  • Adelaide Veteran-Focussed Network

  • Newcastle Veteran-Focussed Network

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