News > MHPN welcomes ongoing support in the 2021 Federal Budget

MHPN welcomes ongoing support in the 2021 Federal Budget


MHPN welcomes the 2021-21 Federal Budget announcement of a $58.8 million increase in funding to develop skills and address workforce undersupply in the mental health workforce.

In order to ensure an effective and sustainable mental health system in Australia, it is imperative to deliver strategic and ongoing support to all practitioners within the system and associated sectors. Since 2009, MHPN has aimed to provide more free, relevant, and accessible opportunities for all practitioners to develop and strengthen interdisciplinary networks, collaborative care practices, and referral pathways. 

We are encouraged by the Federal Budget in its acknowledgement of MHPN and continued support of us through our contract extension. We also wish to take this opportunity to recognise our many participants, stakeholders and partner organisations for their diverse contributions to our shared mental health landscape. We look forward to working alongside many of you in addressing the challenges ahead together.

Read the 2021-22 Budget for the health workforce here