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Making MHPN Podcasts More Accessible

MHPN are excited to announce a new streamlined way to access MHPN podcasts.
From March 2022, all episodes on the current Book Club show will be re-released fortnightly on the MHPN Presents show, making it easier for you to find more of our podcasts in one place. Once available on MHPN Presents, each episode will no longer be available on the Book Club show.

This will mean there are now two main places to tune in to MHPN podcasts:
  • MHPN Presents - This podcast show features engaging conversations between mental health practitioners, as they reflect on a variety of topics related to mental wellbeing, interdisciplinary practice and collaborative care.
  • Mental Health In Focus - This podcast show will take you on a deep dive into specific mental health topics through thought-provoking discussions lead by experts in areas of contemporary mental health issues in Australia.
To continue listening to existing Book Club episodes and be notified when new episodes are released, subscribe to MHPN Presents on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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