Coordinator profile: Elisabeth van der Veer

22 March 2016  Connect

Elisabeth van der Veer, Somatic Psychotherapist

Coordinator : Katoomba Network


In the heart of the Blue Mountains, somatic psychotherapist, Elisabeth van der Veer identifies the way the body (soma) responds to emotional experiences.  With a specific focus on trauma, her somatic psychotherapy practice takes an experiential and practical approach.  Elisabeth is qualified and has trained in therapies including sand play, body work and breath integration.  A passionate advocate of mental health, Elisabeth coordinates the Katoomba MHPN network .

“There wasn’t a network to join, so as a local, beginning one meant that I could meet other mental health practitioners in my area.  My practice was starting back up, so it was a great opportunity for me to let others know I was available to accept clients again,” said Elisabeth.

The Katoomba network meets overlooking the tranquil surrounds of the Blue Mountains, with the sounds of birdlife and frogs in the background.  Elisabeth applies a ‘shoes off at the door’ policy, so that her network members are relaxed as they arrive for the evening.  Elisabeth’s husband Joe prepares a sumptuous dinner, which everyone thoroughly enjoys before they listen to the guest speaker.

To choose topics for the meetings, Elisabeth always refers to her member interests.  At the last network meeting, Dr Gwen Francis, a GP based in Sydney, was invited to speak about epigenetics and its impact on mental health.

“Everyone struggled to find the exit that night.  They loved it!  The peer support meetings are something I would like to see develop, and I wish we could find more time for.  They are so useful in learning about how others use therapies in their practice,” she said.

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