Trauma! – understand it… resolve it…

23 March 2016  Connect
Trauma! – understand it… resolve it…

Presented by Judith Richards (Trauma Training) & Dr Martha Landman (award winning PTSD Training Coordinator)

Saturday 16th April 2016 – 9am-1pm - MELBOURNE

You will learn in this experiential workshop:

  • What is Psychological Trauma? Some people get stuck in it and others don’t – why?
  • It is possible to resolve the trauma quickly, effectively and safely – without re-traumatising the client!
  • You will learn about the huge impact Trauma is having on the physical body?
  • You will learn what is The Richards Trauma Process™, and why it works.

    Powerful practical take away skills you will learn in the workshop:

  • How to quickly pin-point and change unconscious core beliefs which keep patterns of thought, emotion and behaviour in place. This will assist you to be more effective in your work, no matter which therapies you use.
  • Hypnosis – why is it a valuable tool when addressing trauma? How to use rapid inductions and why. (Yes, you will learn to quickly hypnotise.)
  • The initial steps of The Richards Trauma Process

Seats are limited!   Single Ticket: $97, Group Booking (5 people) - $395  save $90   (Light refreshments included)

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