Western Queensland PHN

19 September 2018  Project progress

MHPN networks are an opportunity for mental health practitioners from different disciplines to collaborate.  Research shows that networking develops practitioner relationships, improves referral pathways and outcomes for patients. 

The below network is active in the Western Queensland PHN area. 

For more information about active networks in Western Queensland or how to start a network, contact MHPN on 1800 209 031 or contactus@mhpn.org.au.

Charleville MHPN 

This network has just met to discuss, ‘A focus on the new second generation antipsychotic medications Rexulti and Latuda.’  It is newly established and is a very good example of MHPN assisting with a platform for networking and professional development in a regional area. The network is coordinated by Dr Chris Danesi who is the visiting psychiatrist, and Barbary Coleman, a team leader based at the local hospital. Network meetings are based around his visits, and he takes the opportunity to present on case discussions as well as current research. The network was established in February 2017 and has had two network meetings with ten people attending each, including GPs, student medicos and other psychiatrists.  

Roma Network

This network is jointly coordinated by Margot Hicks, from the local Community and Allied Health Service, and visiting psychiatrist, Dr Chris Danesi.   Network meetings are timed to fit in with his visits.  He takes the opportunity to present on current research as well as case discussions. The network has been meeting regularly for over seven years.          

Support your local practitioner community by leading a network
A network coordinator is a voluntary and rewarding community role, that supports local mental health care service delivery.  Networks have the full support of a MHPN project officer and limited funding.  Network coordinators set meeting dates and topics, and help arrange a venue and speakers. 

Networks facilitate interdisciplinary networking for local clinicians. They improve referral and service pathways, provide opportunities for professional development and peer support. MHPN networks also develop organisational collaborations between hospital networks, NGOs, chronic and allied health networks, and the NDIS.  

Meetings attract a range of clinicians such as psychologists, mental health nurses, counsellors, social workers, nurses, GPs, and psychiatrists. 

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What is a MHPN Network?

MHPN networks bring practitioners together, which improves referral pathways and mental health services.  Networks provide excellent opportunities for collegial networking, peer support and professional development on a wide range of mental health issues.  Networks meet four times per year and meetings usually include a combination of case studies, guest presentations, networking and addressing local needs.  Members include psychiatrists, GPs, psychologists, mental health nurses, occupational therapists, social workers, or any other practitioner who delivers primary mental health care.