Don’t miss a meeting or webinar - Add MHPN to your email safe list

16 June 2017  In the media

Do you receive all MHPN meeting and webinar invitations and reminders?


Don’t miss out! Add MHPN to your email safe list.   


A number of members have recently contacted us to advise that meeting invitationsand reminders aren’t being received.


With the recent worldwide issue of serious viruses, some IT departments have tightened email security, so MHPN’s emails aren’t getting through.   Unfortunately, we don’t receive a bounce-back if this occurs, and so we aren’t aware that you haven’t received our correspondence. 


We want to make sure that if you are expecting emails from us, you get them!


What can you do to make sure you receive all meeting information?


Phone the MHPN office on 1800 209 031 to check that your email and phone details are correct.


Contact your IT department and ask them to whitelist the domain.  Whitelisting ensures that emails from MHPN reach your Inbox, and not your junk or spam folder.   


For personal email users (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo etc), each email provider has its own set of instructions for adding email addresses which you will need to look up.  Use the help function to search for information on how to safe list MHPN’s email address.  You may need to add the email address to your contact list or change the filter in your spam or trash so that the emails are delivered to your inbox. 


A printable flyer can be found here.


        For further questions or help, contact the MHPN office on 1800 209 031