Practitioner self-care and mindfulness

18 September 2017  Coordinator Connect

With the event R U Ok Day? last week, MHPN would like to take the opportunity to remind practitioners about the importance of self-care.  Also, to suggest coordinators consider organising a meeting on self-care.  

In the last two years, over 30 networks have invited speakers who specialise on self-care and mindfulness to give practitioners information and tips.  These meetings have been very well attended. 

Below is a list of networks that have recently held meetings on mindfulness and self-care, which might give you some ideas for a meeting.

  • A Sydney CBD MHPN had a psychologist present ‘Training in Calm - Yoga stretches, meditation, mindfulness & CBT techniques’.
  • Wollongong MHPN invited a lecturer in Health and Social Wellbeing to present, ‘Are you showing compassion towards yourself?  The role of contemplative practice and mindfulness in protecting against compassion fatigue.’
  • The Frankston & Peninsula Transcultural MHPN invited two practitioners who practice mindfulness to present a session on ‘Mindfulness for clinical practice and self-care.’  
  • Brighton MHPN invited a psychologist to present ‘The Science Of Mindfullness’.
  • Practitioners from Townsville Mindfulness in Mental Health Network shared a few readings on mindfulness and related subjects, followed by a period of group mindfulness/meditation practice.
  • The Bayside South, Mentone – Chelsea MHPN invited a GP to present on ‘Mindfulness Based Interventions in Mental Health’.

Information about R U Ok Day? is here.  An extra resource for practitioners is here.

If you have any questions, contact your Project Officer for assistance.