100,000th practitioner attends network meeting

30 October 2017  Connect

MHPN reached an important milestone this year - the 100,000th network meeting attendance. 

In May, psychologist Nicola Hoskins-Murphy attended a meeting at the Orange Psychotherapeutic Interventions Reading Group in Orange NSW, where she was recorded as the 100,000th practitioner to attend a MHPN network meeting.   Nicola is the coordinator and has been to more than 30 meetings in the Orange area.    

The network, which includes a psychiatrist, psychologists and social workers have met monthly since 2015.  Nicola has also attended a number of MHPN webinars.  

Thanks to Nicola for her continued support of interdisciplinary practice in the Orange area! 

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Image from left: Dr Stephanie Quinton, Nicola Hoskins-Murphy, Norm Rowlands and Liz Murrell celebrate with a cake at a network meeting.