International journal publishes value of MHPN model

11 December 2017  In the media

An article describing the development and implementation of the Mental Health Professionals’ Network (MHPN) has recently been published in the Journal of Integrated Care, a highly-respected peer-reviewed international journal.  The article, led by MHPN CEO Mr Chris Gibbs, outlines the policy context within which MHPN was established, the aims and objectives of the initiative, and the benefits of collaborative practice in enhancing practitioner engagement and consumer outcomes.

Published in October 2017, the article describes the key components of the MHPN model, highlighting effective ways of engaging practitioners and supporting interdisciplinary practice.  MHPN has two key programs – face-to-face interdisciplinary practitioner networks and an online professional development program.  The article highlights that MHPN's programs have had significant uptake in communities across Australia and continue to grow. Those who have participated in MHPN’s programs report positive outcomes in engaging with other practitioners, improving their professional knowledge and having gained increased confidence in the provision of mental health care to patients.  The progress and learnings of MHPN offer useful insights that can be applied to other settings and other countries to support integrated care for patients with mental health problems through enhancing collaborative care among practitioners at the primary care level.

MHPN was established in late 2008 to improve consumer outcomes in the primary care sector by fostering a collaborative clinical approach to the provision of mental health care. MHPN is a not-for-profit organisation funded by the Australian Government Department of Health (DoH) as part of Australia’s Better Access initiative. Two further articles – outlining evaluation outcomes of MHPN’s two key programs – are due for publication in the journal in 2018.


Article citation: Gibbs C, Murphy B, Ratnaike D, Hoppe K, Lovelock H. Implementing a collaborative mental health care model: the MHPN. Journal of Integrated Care 2017; 25(4): 237-46.  A link to the article abstract can be accessed here: