Melbourne Balint groups seek members

14 March 2018  Connect

These Melbourne Balint networks are seeking new members.

Heidelberg Balint Network
Currently taking expressions of interest for new members. This multi-disciplinary group provides an opportunity to discuss and reflect on participants' clinical cases with particular attention to the psychological dimensions of clinical work and to the clinician-patient relationship.  The group meets monthly on Tuesdays over a light lunch in Heidelberg. 

Elsternwick Balint Networks 
Two long-standing Balint groups in Elsternwick currently have vacancies.  Balint groups follow a well-researched reflective practice model, whose objective is to validate the work of professionals working with patients’ emotional lives. Members are able to bring cases they find most difficult to this confidential setting, and to benefit from the depth of their colleagues’ discussion.  Members include doctors, psychologists, social workers, OTs and more.  Leaders of these groups are senior professionals, experienced and accredited in Balint work.  The groups run approximately monthly. One on Tuesday evenings (7-8.30pm), and the other on Wednesday lunchtimes (1-2.30 pm).

 For more information about these network email Trish Clarke .