Panellist facilitates webinar from MHPN meeting

21 June 2018  Connect

Live from a headspace Cairns MHPN meeting, psychiatrist registrar Dr Mary Emeleus facilitated an expert panel for a recent MHPN webinar. 

Produced in partnership with Project Air Strategy for Personality Disorders, the webinar, focussed on personality disorders and substance use.   On June 4th, over 1800 mental health practitioners across Australia participated in the webinar to learn tips and effective treatment approaches.

The response from practitioners was overwhelmingly positive, with many remarking on the impressiveness and expert knowledge of the panel.  Practitioners also appreciated the opportunity to understand personality disorders and substance use from a range of perspectives.  The webinar panel also included a GP and two psychologists.   

Network Coordinator, Dr Richard Lakeman projected the webinar on a large screen and 27 network members watched it live.  Dr Emeleus sat in an adjoining room, and afterwards discussed it with network members.

MHPN webinars are popular topics for network meetings.  Last year a number of networks showed and discussed a webinar during a meeting.  However, this is the first time a panellist facilitated live from a meeting.   

The headspace Cairns MHPN meets four times per year, and brings together local mental health practitioners who discuss youth mental health and wellbeing issues.   

Email Geoff Ward to be invited to the next meeting.

Watch it now - Personality Disorders and Substance Use:  Tips on Effective Treatment Approaches