Review of DVA's online training - Health Professionals Survey

16 August 2018  In the media
The Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) is reviewing its online professional development programs to better understand the requirements and incentives that motivate health professionals to complete these programs.  The review stems from a Senate Inquiry into suicide by veterans and ex-service personnel, The Constant Battle: Suicide by Veterans.  This survey will help DVA make the online programs’ requirements and incentives more relevant to health professionals.
The survey aims to understand which of the free, online professional development programs offered by DVA have been completed by health professionals throughout Australia. For individuals who have not completed the programs, the survey seeks to understand incentives that may encourage you to participate in DVA online professional development. 
The survey will take approximately five minutes to complete. 
Your participation in this online survey is entirely voluntary. Your decision to participate or not participate will in no way impact upon your relationship with DVA or the Department of Defence. Your information and answers to questions will be treated confidentially by the third party researcher and no identifiable information will be used.
A link to DVA's free, online professional development programs in scope for the review is included below: