Responding to the needs of people experiencing social anxiety disorder.

20 July 2020  Webinars

Responding to the needs of people experiencing social anxiety disorder 

If you do not receive the email, follow this link to join the webinar from 6:45 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time. The live activity will commence at 7:15 pm AEST. 

This professional development webinar will be held on Monday, 20 July 2020 from 7:15 PM-8:30 PM (AEST).

Join this webinar to identify associations, comorbidities and patterns of treatment-seeking behaviour of people experiencing social anxiety disorder, as well as tips and strategies that can assist in their recovery. This webinar will also underpin the importance of collaboration and appropriate referrals when supporting a person experiencing social anxiety disorder.

The interdisciplinary panel of subject matter experts includes Ms Catherine Madigan (Psychologist), Associate Professor Lisa Lampe (Psychiatrist), Dr Caroline Johnson (General practitioner) with Professor Stephen Trumble  (General Practitioner) as facilitator. 

Before the webinar:

  • Read Ann-Marie's story (the case study upon which the discussion will be based).

  • Learn more about the panellists and facilitator here.