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Our podcasts feature local and international mental health experts in conversation on a variety of topics related to mental wellbeing, interdisciplinary practice, and collaborative care.

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Trending episodes

Emergency Workers: Responder Assist
In this four-part series, host Professor Mark Creamer will be joined by expert clinicians, researchers, service providers, emergency workers and partners of emergency workers to discuss experiences and topics unique to this workforce, who provide a vital and valuable service to the community.  
A Conversation About…
This series features topic driven, thought-provoking conversations between esteemed clinical experts about specific mental health conditions and the groups of people impacted.
In The First Person
This series acknowledges the centrality and uniqueness of lived experience perspectives of mental illness. It looks to support mental health practitioners by providing first person insights into early warning signs, treatment challenges and key elements to recovery.
In Conversation With...

This series features mental health professionals, advocates, academics, clinicians and people with lived experience, engaging in ‘fire-side’ conversations, discussing topics of mutual interest and expertise.

Eating Disorders: Beyond the Unknown

In this four-part series you will join Beth Shelton, psychologist and National Director of NEDC, and Belinda Caldwell, mother, carer and CEO of Eating Disorders Victoria, as they combine their insights and experience as service provider and carer to present a united and holistic approach to supporting people who are living with an eating disorder. 

Book Club
This series features conversations between two mental health practitioners as they reflect on a book or journal article of their choosing. Listen in as our hosts and their invited guests discuss the text and its key ideas that have inspired, challenged and moved them in their personal and professional approach to mental health.
This series explores transitions across the lifespan: what they are, how they affect our mental health and wellbeing, and what we can do, individually and collectively, to support each others' growth through life's many seasons. 
Trauma and Resilience
This series explores trauma and its relationship with mental health, and also resilience - what it means, how it works, and how we can cultivate it in our lives.

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