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In this episode of Book Club, join our host Dr Rick Yeatman and his invited guest, Dr Paul Cammell - both psychiatrists, as they discuss ‘Persuasion and Healing’ (1961) by Jerome D. Frank. This seminal and highly acclaimed book is currently in its third edition - Rick and Paul share their initial responses to the book as new graduates; and their responses now, as colleagues who work together in emergency and post-emergency mental health.

Listeners will hear Rick and Paul as they unpack the meaning and rhetoric behind the key ideas, imagery, and approaches described in ‘Persuasion and Healing’ and how these have shaped broader understandings about the role of religious and secular systems of thought, the placebo effect, the importance of the qualities of the therapist, and the efficacy of different approaches to practicing psychotherapy. 

Rick and Paul also share their opinions, reactions, and responses to Frank’s central arguments on the evolving place and value of psychotherapy on mental wellbeing and human behaviour in the 21st century. They identify the book’s resonating key messages and why they continue to find it a compelling introductory text to psychotherapy which has resonance and relevance to their current clinical work.

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Note: This episode of Book Club was originally released in July 2021 to the Book Club podcast show, and has since been re-released on MHPN Presents.


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