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Hypothetical Case Scenario
Watch our session host Professor Mark Creamer and the esteemed panel to see how they respond in real-time to an unfolding case scenario that evolves both rapidly and dramatically. At key points different panel members were introduced and invited to consider how they would respond to the situation as presented, deciding in-situ what steps to take to support the safety, and mental health and wellbeing of the individual family members, extended family, and the local and wider community.
Tags: Borderline Personality Disorder, Family Violence
November 2023
Identifying and treating panic disorder
Explore how health professionals can identify, assess, diagnose, and evaluate treatment therapies for people experiencing panic disorder.
Tags: Anxiety
November 2023
Trauma-informed care: The impacts of trauma on the physical body
Explore the relationship between trauma and the physical body, providing a comprehensive understanding of how emotional distress can manifest in physiological ways.
Tags: Trauma
October 2023
Supporting children's mental health when working with separated parents
Explore how practitioners who work outside of specialist family dispute resolution or counselling services can make children’s wellbeing a central aspect of their conversations with parents navigating separation and divorce.
Tags: Child
September 2023
Trauma-informed care: Therapies and approaches to improve your practice
This webinar explores therapies and approaches that can improve practice when delivering trauma-informed care. The interdisciplinary panel discuss different stages of life where trauma can occur, how practitioners can support clients through providing trauma-informed care, and how to communicate effectively with other mental health practitioners to better support people affected by trauma.
Tags: Trauma
September 2023
Latest innovations to embed and sustain trauma-informed care
This webinar explores the latest advancements in trauma-informed practices and the role they play in providing long-term sustainability in healthcare and education systems. The interdisciplinary panel outline practical strategies for integrating trauma-informed care into daily practice, enhancing practitioners' ability to provide care that addresses the unique needs of people who have experienced trauma.
Tags: Trauma
August 2023
Practice skills to promote infant and parent mental health in the first twelve months of life
This webinar explores assessment strategies that are responsive to a family's psychosocial context and the evolving parent-child relationship. Watch this webinar to learn how to engage reflectively with parents, enabling you to notice, describe and respond to their infants and toddlers' communication cues, emotional experiences, and caregiving needs.
Tags: Child, Infant
August 2023
Supporting clients/patients with PTSD to participate in good work
This webinar discusses how practitioners can enhance their ability to support people with PTSD to participate in meaningful work that promotes their mental health and wellbeing. Panellists discuss the challenges of work participation faced by people living with PTSD, such as phobic avoidance, anxiety and comorbid conditions.
Tags: Trauma
July 2023
Suicide-related behaviour among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander LGBTQIA+SB people
This webinar explores research, led by Madi Day, on suicide-related behaviour and examines social, cultural, emotional well-being, and protective factors associated with suicide among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander LGBTQIA+SB people.
Tags: Indigenous Mental Health, LGBTIQA+, Suicide
July 2023
Supporting the mental health of bereaved parents after miscarriage, stillbirth and neonatal deaths
This webinar discusses the complex relationship between grief, loss, and mental health for bereaved parents. Panellists share their insights on the risk factors and warning signs of mental illness for bereaved parents who have experienced miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death or when pregnancy ends for medical reasons.
Tags: Families, Fertility, Grief / Bereavement, Infant, Perinatal
June 2023
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