What is a Network Coordinator?  

MHPN Network Coordinators are practitioners who volunteer and, with administrative, strategic and financial support from a MHPN Project Officer, direct the aims and content of their Network. This role can be taken on by one person or shared between a few people. Coordinators can be independent practitioners or representing organisations or services with a shared goal.

Our coordinators play a vital role in supporting the growth, development, and sustainability of interdisciplinary practitioner Networks. Coordinators are the pillars of the MHPN National Networks Program and their commitment to the program is a key contributor to MHPN’s achievements in supporting collaborative care practices for Australian mental health practitioners.

With the support of a MHPN Project Officer, coordinators are responsible for:  

  • deciding the network meeting topic, date and location
  • facilitating network meetings
  • securing guest speakers
  • providing regular feedback to MHPN.

Become a Network Coordinator

Interested in becoming a leader in your professional community or field of practice and supporting interdisciplinary practice and collaborative care amongst your peers? MHPN can help.

All Network Coordinators receive the support of a MHPN Project Officer, who assists them to organise and facilitate network meetings while remaining true to the unique goals and needs of their network.

To take the next step in your MHPN journey, look at our current coordinator opportunities or apply to start your own MHPN Network right here on our website. Once you apply, a Project Officer will be in touch to discuss your application.  

For further information, get in touch with our Networks team on 1800 209 031, or email your interest to networks@mhpn.org.au and one of our Project Officers will get in touch.

Current Coordinators  

Meeting and topic inspiration

 Looking for ideas for your next meeting? See below some ideas to make your next meeting engaging!

Meeting formats:
  • Presentation from a guest speaker 
  • Collaborative discussion of a hypothetical case study – use a case study from one of MHPN’s recent webinars.
  • Discuss a webinar or podcast – Choose a topic relevant for your network from MHPN’s vast webinar and podcast libraries to drive discussion.
  • Speed networking
  • Members present on their field of focus
  • Peer support.
Trending topics:

Popular topics covered by other Networks have recently included:
  • Climate change and mental health
  • Frontline worker mental health
  • Eating disorders
  • Neurodiversity
  • Creative/alternative therapies  
View all upcoming MHPN meetings for inspiration!
To tailor your meeting format and topics to the specific needs of your network members, ask your Project Officer for support in surveying your members for ideas.
Coordinator resouces and forms

If you require a copy of the full Coordinator Toolkit, please contact your Project Officer or networks@mhpn.org.au.

Fact sheets
Tools and resources
Contact MHPN
Got questions? Get in touch with MHPN and we’ll help you find the best way for you to get involved with the National Networks Program.

Email: networks@mhpn.org.au
Call: 1800 209 031